Adding audio meters, chroma color picker and more

Right before the holidays we’re dropping another big update that we’re especially happy about. “Why?”, you ask. Because we’re rolling out our live audio meter. You can now check how loud each of your audio sources are in real-time. We’ve also added x264 encoding for added video stability, a chroma key eyedropper for easy background selection, and more. Read on for the full list.

Added to our changelog

  • Audio Meter: Now you can check those levels, Avicii.
  • Chroma Key Eyedropper: Quickly choose the correct color for your background via an eyedropper tool.
  • Better Encoding: Goodbye Open H264, hello x264.
  • Resize 3rd Party Alerts: Because that Muxy cup needs to be a tad larger.
  • Show Asset Dimensions when Resizing: For all your OCD needs.
  • In-App Speedtest: We’ve added a keyboard shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+S) so you can check what your up/down is instantly.
  • Advanced Properties: Replaced the arrow with a fancy new icon, ability to “Fit to Canvas” and “Change Monitor Source”.

Changed in our changelog

  • Dynamically Update Capture Settings: Change output, resolution, frame rate, and attached audio devices on the fly without having to reactivate your scene.
  • More Stability on source activations.
  • Asset Re-ordering: Smoother and we added a nice little image to let you know you can drag a layer.
  • Delete Uploaded Images: You can finally remove that riskyimage.png from your project’s collection.
  • Layer Labeling: Added an edit icon on hover to give you a head’s up you can rename the layers.
  • Clearer Asset Naming: Instead of calling everything a “resource”, we’ve now specified what you’re actually adding.
  • Tooltip for Text-Files: Updated to reflect the new client design.

Fixed in our changelog

  • Capture sources sometimes didn’t activate when added
  • Changing the text file directory now reflects correctly in the dashboard.
  • Muxy cup now properly renders on the canvas.
  • Elgato capture cards now activate even if the input resolution from the console is different than the project canvas.


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