Back again with another big update! The first big addition is the ever elusive 720p60FPS option that many have asked about. Go ahead and test the buttery smooth framerate and let us know what you think. We’ve also now added a new Alerts function which will better help track how you’re performing and when you hit certain milestones – like the first time you hit 10 concurrent viewers and so forth! The Navbar has also been reworked so you can easily access all of your projects and receive those Alerts we mentioned before. Aside from all this, we also added more options for Facebook Privacy settings and made fixes to assets, toolbar, responsiveness, and more. Read on for the full rundown!

Added to our changelog

  • 720p60FPS: Yep. It’s finally available, go check it out! [Learn more on resolution requirements]
  • Alert Discord Fam! Toggle the ability to alert the Infiniscene Discord community anytime you go live.  More viewers doesn’t hurt, right? [Join our Discord]
  • Facebook Privacy Settings: Choose your own privacy when streaming to your personal timeline.
  • Achievements: We’re now tracking your streams closer and will send you notifications on when you hit certain milestones.
  • New Navbar: We’ve streamlined our top navbar for ease of use and accessibility.


Fixed in our changelog

  • Duplicating a live scene would cause both scenes to appear to be live, oopsy – not anymore.
  • Improved responsiveness of “Send to Live” & “End Stream” buttons.
  • Fixed an error that prevented user from refreshing account information.
  • Asset list properly scrolls when there are lots of assets added.
  • Users can now scroll left and right when many scenes are added.
  • Tool-tips now disappear completely after they’re delivered – sometimes they’d just hang around because they were lonely.
  • Properties toolbar also now disappears completely after you’re done with it and doesn’t stray off screen.
  • Streaming destination now properly updates in the settings panel when changed.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow a user to sign-up with an unverified Twitch email (causing problems later on when they tried to go live).


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