Tournament and charity organizers rejoice: text files are now available to use on Infiniscene! You can even add song titles, timers, and more using tools like Snip to make your stream even more dynamic. Aside from this feature, we’ve also added performance improvements, unlocked image ratios, and even some free overlays for your favorite games and creative endeavors.

Be sure to update your client by heading into the toolbar and clicking “download update” as well! Here’s how to do it. 

Added to our changelog

  • Text Files: They’re finally here! Read text files from a directory for each connected device. Show off what song you’re playing, how much money you’ve raised, and more. We’ve listed some useful tools towards the bottom of this post that can improve your text file use too. Here’s a brief rundown on how to get it setup as well.


Use Snip to add song titles to your stream!
  • Performance Improvements: Delegating processing power from your computer to our servers so your CPU can be more focused on streaming.
  • Stream History Details: Now you’ve got even more information on your past streams.
  • Complimentary Stream Overlays: Make your streams prettier than before by adding some of our free-to-use overlays graphics.

infiniscene overlays

  • Unlock Image Ratio: Want more control over editing that sweet pic? You got it.

Fixed in our changelog

  • Stream settings should now properly update.
  • Scrolling text assets now properly scroll on stream
  • Hitting “Enter” on a URL asset edit no longer refreshes the page
  • Available resolutions were not reloaded when the active account was changed…we’re good now.
  • Fixed an issue where previews wouldn’t play when another instance of the website was open in another tab
  • Fixed an issue where the user was unable to select text while editing the name of an asset
  • Fixed an issue where text would sometimes duplicate while adjusting properties of a text asset
  • Fixed an issue where duplicating a scene would swap assets with the scene it was duplicated from when going live or refreshing.

Helpful text file tools:

  • Snip: Add whatever song you’re playing right into your stream!
  • Timer: Need a countdown timer for your stream? Say no more.
  • Batch Text Updater: Running a tournament or need to update a lot of text at once on screen? This is the tool for you.
  • Stream Labels: Easily display donations and more with this helpful tool brought to you by Twitch Alerts.


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