April 23rd Changelog


  • Our support chat will now correctly open after your first time logging in. We promise we want to talk to you! 
  • If you try to add a streaming destination that’s tied to another Lightstream account, you’ll once again receive an error stating that this is the case 
  • STUDIO: YouTube users should no longer encounter issues going live 


  • We’ve changed our backend to more reliably process higher definition games in order to prevent future issues as well as fix up some existing issues with audio sync when input resolution was too high 

April 15th Changelog

A little spring cleaning.


  • Error messages were updated to provide more helpful information. Vague messaging begone!


  • Scene snapshots will no longer be blank boxes and now show a preview of your scene as they should
  • ExtraLife integration once again comes in at the correct resolution
  • Deleting your only scene in a project will now properly create a new scene to replace it
  • 3rd Party Integrations using mono audio can be heard loud and clear on stream once more
  • Scene duplication will no longer fail when you have a layer selected
  • STUDIO: RTMP Destination info will now save properly after being set
  • STUDIO: 480p broadcasts are back up and running and won’t show a black screen anymore


  • Made improvements to make sure your 3rd party integrations always end up on stream

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