CHICAGO, April 9, 2019 — Lightstream, an innovator in live streaming, today announced that it has acquired the technology behind GameWisp’s former monetization platform for gaming content creators. Previously, the technology-powered subscription services for streamer communities in exchange for benefits, exclusive content, and additional interaction. Lightstream will utilize GameWisp’s transaction and reward engine technology to continue the evolution of Lightstream Studio as well as introduce new products later this year.

“We have a tremendous amount of respect for team and technology behind GameWisp. Their products made it possible for thousands of streamers to effectively and creatively empower their viewers to support them,” said Stu Grubbs, CEO of Lightstream. “While we won’t be relaunching the GameWisp platform as it once was, we will be introducing some really creative implementations of GameWisp’s technology for streamers to effectively engage their audience and reward their communities. Making meaningful dollars from all your hard work doing what you love is something nearly every creator desires. We believe that “meaningful” is different for everyone and much like GameWisp we want to deliver something that empowers streamers at any stage of their journey and whatever their audience size.”

Lightstream’s mission is to deliver innovative, creative broadcasting technology and products that empower streamers as storytellers, and address the biggest challenges they face. The company’s main product, Lightstream Studio, simplifies the first step in the creative journey by making the process of streaming free and easy to use without technical hurdles. With its newest platform, provides streamers, as well as brands and game publishers, with informed analytics for audience growth. The technology acquired from GameWisp will allow Lightstream to empower streamers to build out their passion into a business by providing them with tools to engage their communities, monetize their content, and reward their audience.

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About Lightstream
Lightstream is a Chicago-based startup built with a true passion for live video production, gaming and supporting the explosive growth of creators and their communities. Its cloud-based technology and products transform difficult technical hurdles into streamlined workflows. Lightstream empowers creators to effortlessly share their passion, talent, and creativity on live streaming platforms like Mixer, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and more.

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