March 20th Changelog

Botisimo and Tiltify integrations added to Lightstream Studio


New Features:

Two new integrations are now available!

Botisimo provides a suite of tools for streamers to manage their chat. In addition to moderation, there are some really fun features that let your viewers earn currency, complete polls, enter giveaways, and request songs – all things that are great at driving more viewer engagement. In particular, the music player feature is huge for Xbox streamers using Mixer’s Lightstream integration.

We love seeing gamers rally behind charitable causes. The care and generosity shown by our community is inspiring. Tiltify builds donation tools that help charities create and manage live stream fundraising campaigns. This makes it easy for any streamer to sign up and start raising money for their favorite charity. There are also some great tools to create incentives and milestones to increase viewer engagement with your stream. With this integration, you can add Tiltify overlays to your stream to keep your community up-to-date with the progress you’re making towards your goal.

March 15th Changelog

Some major engine tweaks went out which focused on improving audio performance across the board. Especially big if you ever ran across audio popping or crackling with browser webcams.


  • Audio engine updates to reduce instances of audio distortion.
    • Adjusted thread priority logic to protect audio consistency
    • Implemented new timestamp structure to reduce jitter on incoming audio packets
  • Lightstream feedback survey won’t keep bugging you after you’ve dismissed it.
  • Added more specific messaging when an external event is preventing your stream from going live (for example if another computer or software is already streaming to your channel).
  • STUDIO: Video layers that are larger than the canvas will automatically scale down to fit.


  • Image slideshow layers will appropriately display on stream.
  • Fixed some wonkiness preventing scenes from duplicating.
  • Corrected an issue that would cause webcams to not show on stream after a refresh.
  • No mic? No problem. Webcams added from a computer with no microphone will now properly connect to your scene.
  • MIXER: Hiding or unhiding layers will now properly reflect on the stream output.