This article mentions Lightstream Prism

Prism is no longer available, but its multiplayer streaming features are now included in Lightstream Studio.

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October 11th Changelog

New Features:

Lightstream adds Fortnite Game Tracker and Stream Game Labels integrations

Two new 3rd Party Integrations launch today! Both Fortnite Tracker and Stream Game Labels collect and display information about your performance in the game you’re playing. Stats are updated automatically while live and are a great way to let your viewers see how you’re doing that day!


  • Fixed an issue causing intermittent audio drop out in streams from Studio to Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch.
  • Improved video/audio lag when using Prism stream to Mixer.
  • Mobile remote control updated to properly switch scenes when using Studio
  • Let the right one in: Patched an issue that would prevent some users from logging into their account.
  • Ghost images: Corrected a condition that prevented some images from not showing on the final stream.
  • STUDIO: Identified a bug preventing Studio broadcasters from going live to Mixer