TabTargets is our featured streamer

Ricki and Matt or TabTargets, are long-time friends who stream together using our dual-stream capability. They caught our eye in the last few weeks after we had watched some of their Division streams and made us laugh with their constant bickering. Read on below to hear what their first year streaming has been like and more. 

Who are you guys? How'd you meet?

Well, we’re Ricki & Matt – two long-time friends of roughly 12 years now, God help us. We met back in college when we were both stood waiting to attend our induction lessons, staring across the room at one another, both kind of thinking, “who is this prick?” and it turns out, we were studying the same IT course. We actually ended up bonding over our mutual interest in music and video games. We’ve been trying to escape one another since, but seemingly can’t seem to make it stick!

How did you both get into streaming?

Streaming is something that has been on both of our radars for a while now, Ricki dipped his toes in the waters a few years back, but elected not to continue at that time. Around mid-December 2015 Ricki phoned Matt and asked if he’d be interested in a joint venture on twitch as a duo/co-op channel.  Matt said, “yes” and neither him nor Ricki have looked back since.

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What made you want to dual-stream?

We’ve played games together for as long as we’ve known one another now, and we’ve always enjoyed our time spent on them. Often remarking we should record or stream the silly stuff we get up to, as others may well enjoy it too – turns out they do! Another reason for electing to take the dual stream approach is that not many others are really doing it in the grand scheme of things, so we like to think that gives us something a little more unique to bring to the table. As for figuring out the actual dual POV, that took us some time, and lots of trial and error. We tried using Raspberry Pi, Nvidia sharing, screen sharing, all kinds of iffy workarounds. Then in May, we discovered Lightstream – which has been an incredible addition, its helped us to achieve what we wanted, having both screens up on stream at once. with no need for crazy workarounds!

How would you describe your stream to others?

Well, basically the simplest answer is… We’re just two idiots who enjoy one another’s company whilst playing games and messing around – that’s it. Not much else to it, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we’re just there to have fun, and to entertain those that enjoy the content we put out there.

TabTargets stream

Who's the better gamer between you two?

Neither really, mostly when playing together our aim is to dick one another over – an explosive barrel beside you? BANG! There’s some degree of competition and bickering, but that’s only natural. Ultimately, it never gets the better of us though, we just wanna have a laugh – so any bickering that does occur is forgotten 10 seconds later. In terms of “skill level” we both have certain game types that we’re better than the other in, so it balances out quite nicely. We try to play to one another’s strengths to cover our respective weaknesses.

What’s next for you guys?

As far as the games we’re both excited for – Crackdown 3, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, & Mass Effect: Andromeda are pretty high on our lists, so look out for some sweet dual POV goodness when those come around! Regarding what’s next, who knows at this point? Our hope is to continue on as we are, making what we hope is good content for those that enjoy it, and hopefully continuing to grow. Both in terms of audience, and as streamers.  We would both love to be able to make a career of what we’re doing, and go on to be partnered with Twitch, but who knows what the future holds for us? Hopefully, more of the same awesomeness we’ve been lucky enough to experience in this first year of our channel.

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