Casual Streamer holiday giveaway

It’s the Holidays and you thought we wouldn’t be doing some sort of Holiday giveaway? Here’s the deal: from today (December 12th) to January 9th, we’ll be giving away three Casual Streamer shirts per week. To enter each week, you have to stream using Infiniscene for at least one hour. Please make sure your VoD’s are turned on for verification purposes if you win. And don’t even think about cheating, Mr. Grinch. Here’s some more details that we felt were important but didn’t want to add in this paragraph too:

  • How many times can I enter per week? 
    • Once
  • Do entries carry over from week-to-week?
    • Yes! For instance, if you stream in week 1 and then stream in week 2, you then have two chances total.
  • When are winners picked?
    • The following Monday after the week’s end.
  • How can you tell if we actually streamed an hour?

Got it? Now get out there and start streaming. Oh and Happy Holidays or something.