We’re happy to announce that we have a few new DNS server locations available, bringing more stability to our PlayStation streaming experience.

Our new locations include options in Australia, Germany, and the US! We know it can be time consuming to trial and error different DNS options to find the best one, so we’ve set up a handy website to let you know which DNS option is the best for you.

The warning you may see when checking the site only applies to the device you’re visiting from, PS4 users can visit from their console’s browser in order to check if everything has been set up correctly.

This page will also let you know if Lightstream’s DNS servers are working or if your ISP is ‘DNS-Hijacking’ your connection. This is device-specific, so make sure to visit from your console’s browser if possible. Can’t use our hosted DNS workaround because of your ISP? You can host it yourself! We have refreshed our self-hosted Lightstream Prism DNS server and instructions.

You can check out our video below to see this service in action!