Here at Lightstream, we find ourselves constantly asking “Why? Can we? Why not?”. With these questions in mind, the team pushes each other to continually find ways for our product to improve. It’s because of this ideology that we are happy to announce our new direction for Lightstream Studio and unveil our first step on that path, Lightstream Labs!

We have this obsession with speed and because of that, we’ve taken the core studio and streamlined it for an even smoother experience. We love to release new ideas for you to try as soon as possible but we don’t want to sacrifice the core studio experience for new streamers. Lightstream Labs empowers advanced streamers to try our latest and greatest while also not overwhelming newer streamers with simpler setups.



You can find the Lightstream Labs modal in your account settings to flip on whatever features your heart desires. And fret not, if you currently use any of these features then we’ve automatically enabled them to leave your experience unchanged.

On top of announcing Labs, we’re also introducing the Lightstream Chrome extension. Now you can share your screen without the need to download our local client. This is recommended for those who want to show off a presentation or image. We think this will really speed up the time it takes from setup to streaming.



Our goal was to clean up our studio so streamers could get themselves up and running in 30 seconds or less and we feel this updated experience reflects that mantra. The Lightstream community continues to be our source of inspiration and we appreciate your feedback! Share your thoughts with us about Labs and our new direction for the studio over at

There are many more features and updates cooking in our test kitchen right now so stay tuned for an exciting next few months!