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Prism is no longer available, but its multiplayer streaming features are now included in Lightstream Studio.

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With Prism out in the wild, we wanted to put together some ideas around what kind of content could now be produced because of it. Here are just a few examples to get your creative juices flowing….


Being able to see live teamwork between two or more people can certainly be exciting. With only one viewpoint, you only get one side of the story though. But now you can see who’s actually doing what, if they’re doing what they’re saying they’re doing (we all have those friends who swear they were helping you 2v1 that giant enemy, right?), and overall just how effective your teamwork is in real time.

Show more POV's in Destiny 2 raids


These types of streams tend to be very long with streamers going at it for sometimes a full 24 hours! So, why not bring in multiple streamers to lighten the load? You could have different streamers swapping in (just exchange the same stream key) at predetermined shifts. This not only makes streaming for so long manageable but keeps the streamers in a “fresh” state.

*Participating in Extra-Life this weekend? One of our community members, heartandthesynapse, created a couple Prism overlays that you can use. Download them here.


Speedrunning has always been fascinating to watch because you’re essentially watching mastery of a game. Typically though, you’re only getting one viewpoint and the runner is trying to beat a certain time they’ve determined. However, why not pair up two speedrunners and have them race in real-time against one another? We’ve seen this done at live events such as AGDQ but now you can do it from anywhere.

Show your friend who's king of the jungle.


Not every game has a native spectator mode so sometimes you’re stuck with just getting one view point from a match. This means the casters can only be so effective since they’re only getting one side of the story. Until now. Grab stream keys from two opposing teams and start telling the bigger picture.


In the past, viewers would be stuck with either watching one of the survivors or the hunter. Now you can literally watch the game of cat and mouse happen in real-time. We apologize in advance for how tense your stream is now.

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