Starting today we’ll be retiring our experimental feature section, Lightstream Labs. Labs was designed to be an environment to test experimental new features. With some time out in the wild, we’re excited to be rolling the majority of these features directly into Lightstream Studio! Here’s what this change means going forward:

What’s Staying?

The majority of Lightstream Labs will be moving into Studio as native features that don’t need to be toggled on. These features will be RTMP Sources, RTMP Destinations, and 3rd Party Integrations. To access them, simply use the green Add Layer button as you normally would (or the stream destinations drawer for RTMP Destinations).

What’s Leaving?

With this transition, we will be removing the ability to add Video Clips. This feature wasn’t quite up to snuff with what we’d like performance-wise so we’ll be taking it out of rotation for some tune ups.

What will happen to my Video Clips?

We won’t be removing existing video clips from your project, but once deleted they’ll be unable to be added again to your scenes. If you’d like to continue using any existing video clips you’re free to do so, but we will be unable to restore any deleted video file layers once they’re gone.

But wait there’s more

We know that some streamers rely on video clips, so we do have a small workaround for those that still need this functionality. By using our 3rd Party Integration option and adding a integration to their scene, users can still add any video clips they’d like onto their overlay itself and have the videos play on their stream! You can find full details on what supports here.