Key Delivery to streamline managing game keys benefiting Broadcasters, Publishers and Indie Developers

CHICAGO, June 5, 2019 Lightstream, an innovator in live streaming technology, today announced its recently acquired platform, the industry-leading discovery and analytics tool for live video game streaming content, will add automated game key delivery for game publishers and developers.

“Thousands of verified broadcasters use to understand how their content is being received by their audience,” said Stu Grubbs, Lightstream CEO. “Key delivery allows a publisher or studio to focus on their game while running a large influencer campaign so broadcasters of all sizes discover their game authentically. Broadcasters are able to request instant access to games that they are genuinely interested in, studios and publishers get all the data they need, and we handle the rest.”

Benefits to Broadcasters

Broadcasters can discover new games they’re interested in creating content around. A streamlined application process creates more opportunities for broadcasters of all sizes to reach out to game studios. Broadcasters can manage their previous requests, check status, and ensure they’re not duplicating requests.

Benefits to Publishers

Arsenal streamlines the entire process of managing game keys – automating the process and saving community and influencer managers time and effort. Because every applicant must authorize their streaming account, publishers can be confident that the broadcaster applying is who they say they are.

 Arsenal saves developers and publishers time by providing:

  • In-depth broadcaster metrics: Every applicant’s statistics are instantly available within Arsenal – saving the time of exploring each broadcaster’s channel individually and guessing at their audience size and engagement.

  • Game key management: Uploaded keys will be tracked automatically by Arsenal,  eliminating the need to manage spreadsheets to avoid sending duplicate keys to broadcasters.

  • Automated approval: Set minimum eligibility requirements to instantly approve and send a game key to qualified broadcasters. Broadcasters that don’t meet the automatic approval criteria are placed in a queue, so developers can quickly review on a case-by-case basis.

  • Dynamic reporting: A reporting dashboard is automatically created that tracks every broadcast using keys delivered with to see how much content and views are being generated for every key delivery campaign.

Benefits to Indie Developers

Qualified indie developers are able to create a Key Delivery campaign for free. This helps accelerate the growth of smaller studios by improving discoverability by influencers and their audience. It also augments their team, saving time from manually managing, verifying, and emailing game keys.

Current Key Delivery Campaigns

World-class game publishers, indie game developers, and brand leaders are among Arsenal’s impressive roster of industry clients and include Raw Fury, 505 Games, and Team17.

Broadcasters can log in now and view active Key Delivery campaigns:

These clients have access to data across thousands of games and millions of broadcasters. They can search across over 8 Million broadcasters by games played, language, affiliation, or popularity across the six most popular streaming platforms – Mixer, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Mobcrush and Smashcast.

Arsenal’s streamer analysis can incorporate broadcast details with breakdowns by game, usual time and day of broadcasts, growth and viewership metrics, active days per week, and averages of stream hours by day, minutes watched and viewers per broadcast.

For brands and developers interested in a demo or a meeting with Lightstream about the Arsenal platform during E3, please reach out to Reed Scarfino at and Jeff Royle at

Visit to browse Key Delivery campaigns. For more information and to sign-up for Arsenal’s free analytics platform please visit, Be sure to follow Lightstream on Twitter and at