This article mentions Lightstream Prism

Prism is no longer available, but its multiplayer streaming features are now included in Lightstream Studio.

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December is here and that means we’re back again with the Season’s Greetings Giveaway! This year, we’re giving you even more chances to win even more prizes. Starting today (December 5th) through December 29th, you’ll have the chance to win Steam Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Logitech C920’s, Blue Snowball Microphones, and our Streamer Unknown shirts.

To enter, all you need to do is head to the Gleam contest below. Streaming with Studio or Prism will surely net you the most entries (be sure to leave your channel below and we’ll verify the time if you win) but you can still rack up entries if you don’t have time to stream this month. Read on for additional information that we couldn’t quite cram into this paragraph.


When/how are winners picked?
Winners will be randomly picked throughout the month and notified by email.

If I enter/stream earlier in the month, will I technically have a better chance of winning?
Yes! We’ll be drawing winners every week so if your entries are in earlier then you will have the chance to get drawn each proceeding week.

How do you you know if I actually streamed 1 hour?
We are wizards. 

Can I win more than once?
Nope, one prize per winner.

How much are the gift cards worth?
$50 each.

Best of luck and Happy Holidays!