In between meetings, fidget spinning, and dousing our hands with hand sanitizer, we actually managed to shoot some photos at this year’s E3. Scroll on to take a peak at the world of New Donk City, some rude Orcs, Hip Hop Storm Troopers, a Dacia you don’t want to mess with, and more.

1/4 of these are original IP. Go LawBreakers! 

Kratos and son who continually lets down Kratos.

e3 hip hop storm troopers

The Hip Hop Trooper and co. were our favorite cosplayers.

Not pictured: the other photographer’s untimely demise after this photo. 

Dragonball Fighter Z looks like it’s gonna be a blast.

Thankfully, Dormammu wasn’t actually real.

Line Attendant: “The wait is 1hr and 30 minutes”

Relevant follow-up.

The LVL-3 Pack is no joke, not sure why Stu is smiling.  

Bethesda put a frickin’ diner in the convention hall because why the frick not? 

Contrary to popular belief, they didn’t accept bottle caps as a form of currency when I went to go buy this.

The Orcs were constantly heckling the panel on-stage.

New Donk City was packed.

Is it October yet?

“…and then he wanted to trade me a crossbow for a AWM!”

Get in or else everybody gets hurt.

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