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Prism is no longer available, but its multiplayer streaming features are now included in Lightstream Studio.

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February 28th Changelog

Lots of bug fixes in this round of updates. Shoring up edge cases that were affecting some users.


  • Webcams
    • Corrected a situation that would sometimes cause cropped webcams to not appear on stream with the correct cropping applied.
    • Webcams will display more consistently between scene changes.
    • Microphones selected when adding your webcam will now properly be added to your scene.
  • Newly added layers will now default to being on top rather than on bottom.
  • Resolved an edge case preventing some users from editing Text layers in Chrome.
  • Addressed an issue that would prevent some images to not display on final stream.
  • The more you know: We’ll give you a head’s up if a webcam or mic become disconnected.
  • Too big for your britches: Images can no longer come in at resolutions greater than your canvas.
  • New name, who dis? Stream chat will no longer endlessly load for users who recently changed their username on Twitch or Mixer.
  • Removed an edge case that would cause images to duplicate.
  • Need moar space. Fixed a visual glitch that could cause layers to appear vertically condensed.
  • MIXER:
    • Resolved a brief issue that prevented the Mixer feed from showing on brand new accounts that didn’t have the Studio interface open.
    • Reduced the occurrence of Mixer feeds freezing.
    • Resizing the Mixer feed layer will no longer stretch the aspect ratio.
    • Resolved an issue causing images and integration layers to not appear on starting scene when a very specific combination of layers are present.
    • Mixer projects will load properly in the Edge browser.
    • Corrected an issue that prevented RTMP Sources from being added to a scene or the preview from displaying in Studio.
    • Guest chat now properly showing for green room participants.
  • PRISM: PNG overlays now appropriately display on streams.