February 18th Changelog

Big update today! We launched plans for Lightstream Studio. These plans offer streaming options that scale based on your needs as a creator. For a complete breakdown of our plans, visit golightstream.com/studio

Some notes for specific users:
  • If you have a Mixer Pro account, these changes DO NOT affect your account. A Mixer Pro subscription is all that is required to enjoy unlimited use of our special Mixer Project in Lightstream Studio
  • For IRL users, your plan is now called “Professional”—everything else stays the same
  • If you use the current free option of Lightstream Studio, you’ll still have access to the same features through March 2, at which point the new distribution of features will kick in

Our Customer Success team is ready to answer any and all questions you have. Simply click the chat window at the bottom right of your screen to reach out. Worth noting: All plans provide you with live 1:1 support.

  • Implemented plans for Lightstream Studio
    • Free includes:
      • Text, images, webcam & overlays
      • 720p 30FPS max output
      • 4 monthly streaming hours
      • Up to 1 remote guest
      • Remote control with mobile device
      • Cloud sync and storage
      • Live chat support
      • Stream watermarking
    • Creator includes:
      • Everything from Free
      • Unlimited streaming
      • 720p 60FPS max output
      • Up to 4 RTMP sources 
      • Up to 3 remote guests
      • No stream watermarking
    • Professional includes:
      • Everything from Creator
      • Auto Go-Live RTMP sources
      • Go live without Studio open
      • Disconnect protection
      • Up to 7 remote guests
  • Automatically converted users on the IRL plan to the Professional plan
  • Overhauled the design of the account settings area to help organize your subscription and account details better.