January 29th Changelog

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work on Lightstream Studio – making many improvements under-the-hood. We’ve continuously pushed updates to improve Lightstream Studio. We’ve made a new year’s resolution to do a better job keeping you updated on what’s been released and return to a more regular cadence on changelog updates.

Here are some of the highlights from 2019:

  • We released a series of new features designed for IRL streamers including:
    • Auto Go Live and Auto BRB
    • Disconnect Protection
    • Go live without Lightstream Studio open in a browser
    • Get a full run down of these features at golightstream.com/irl
  • Created the payment and account systems required to launch our first subscription plan to gain full access to our new premium IRL features.  
  • Paved the way for a Lightstream account system to remove the dependency on a platform’s oauth login method – ensuring consistent account access
  • UI improvements across the platform
  • Improving the green room experience for guests
  • Under the hood improvements to stream performance and reliability
  • Added support for StreamElements in Mixer Projects

Here’s to the first of many changelogs to come in 2020! 🥂 

January 29th Changelog


  • Due to a recent update on Facebook, we are no longer able to offer streaming to Facebook groups. We do, however, allow you to continue streaming to a group through Facebook’s scheduled stream option. For more details on how that works, you can visit here


  • Green Room guest cameras have been fixed to display correctly when multiple guests join. 
  • Guest cameras no longer will show as inactive when a guest needs to leave and re-enter your Green Room.