This article mentions Lightstream Prism

Prism is no longer available, but its multiplayer streaming features are now included in Lightstream Studio.

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July 24th


  • Addressed an issue that was causing low quality or sputtering audio for some users with browser microphonesand browser screenshare audio.
  • Webcams should no longer disappear from your live stream while showing in Lightstream
  • STUDIO: Big updates to the Invite a guest feature including:
    • Host and guest cameras seen in previews will now consistently appear on stream.
    • Hosts will now see the guest’s selected camera instead of their default camera.
    • Private guest chat visibility is now consistent for all guests.
    • Green room invite panel shows properly in newly created projects.
    • Hosts will now see the guests’ correct microphone name and will find them selectable.
  • Facebook authorization errors have been resolved. Functionality affected includes creating a Lightstream account using Facebook, login, and broadcasting.
  • Mixer integration streamers who turn on the integration on, but haven’t yet created a Mixer Project in Lightstream will now see their stream passed through correctly.
  • Microphone selection menu shows more accurate and descriptive device names.


  • STUDIO: Better performance of Video Clip layers.
  • Users who have been banned from streaming to Facebook will now see a message letting them know that’s why they’re unable to go live.


  • TipeeeStream has made the required patches so that alerts properly display through Lightstream.

July 16th


  • Patched an authentication error that would prevent Mixer integration users from activating their accounts.
  • Custom RTMP destinations no longer display an error when going live.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause some users to see no UI controls when logging in.
  • Removing a client from the add layer menu will now properly delete the client from your account.

July 6th


  • Resolved an issue that prevented some streamers from adding a PC webcam or microphone to a Mixer Project.
  • Webcams and microphones no longer get stuck in an inactive state.
  • Added fallback logic for Mixer feed connections to prevent blank output to stream.
  • Eliminated an edge case that caused staticy audio that cuts out on a Mixer Feed layer. 
  • Removed an option within Image Slideshows that would cause projects to not load properly (blank screen).
  • Resolved an edge case that prevented projects from showing.
  • Mixer Project streamers will no longer run into an Error 500 message when accessing Lightstream’s website.
  • Text layers now snap to align with other layers.
  • We’re enforcing character limits on stream titles to prevent errors going live. “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter Stream Title”.
  • Switching scenes will now prevent the alert audio on other scenes from playing.
  • Mixer feed layer loads faster when switching scenes.
  • Image slideshows will no longer load with broken links to images.
  • Now live notifications for Facebook link to the correct stream.
  • Typing layer dimensions into the input fields sizes to the correct value.
  • STUDIO: Facebook streamers’ guests will no longer immediately get kicked from green room.
  • STUDIO: Video clip layers no longer prevent projects from loading.
  • PRISM: Streams will no longer crash when using the solo button with an empty player feed.