This article mentions Lightstream Prism

Prism is no longer available, but its multiplayer streaming features are now included in Lightstream Studio.

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June 30th

Reworked the way that audio is handled on Lightstream servers. This should lead to improvements in the following:

  • Better synchronization between audio and video
  • Reduce delay added to streams
  • Reduce occurrences of sputtering, crackly, or low quality audio
  • Improved audio fidelity
  • Audio not coming through on stream
  • Video freezing
  • Stream crashes

June 17th


  • Patched an issue that would cause scene changes to not register properly while live
  • Alerts no longer output a loud noise in place of your selected audio. The banshees have been cast back from whence they came.
  • Occasionally a Mixer Feed would not pick up the video signal from Mixer. 
  • Communication is 🔑. Streamers should no longer see an error message about issues communicating with a service when trying to log in with their preferred platform.
  • A database migration caused some projects and scenes to appear empty. Not to fear, everything is still there and we’ve relinked the images appropriately.
  • Duplicating projects is working properly again.
  • Cleaned up a specific chain of actions that would prevent text animation effects from displaying properly. Your viewers can yet again marvel at your text layer’s moves 🕺🏽.
  • Fixed a few browser specific display issues in Firefox and Edge. 
  • Mixer Project users briefly saw a large amount of error messages when first entering their project. This was quickly resolved.
  • STUDIO: Patched up some bugs that surfaced for the invite a guest feature. 
    • Guests will now always appear in the green room section of the UI.
    • Some new green room codes were not working properly
  • STUDIO: Layers added with the Lightstream desktop client are properly activating
  • PRISM: Previews are displaying properly for all streamers again.

June 7th


  • Occasionally images/overlays would not appear on the final stream output (sometimes with white outlines). Your viewers can again marvel at your sick design skillz.
  • Fixed up an issue causing Merchroom content to not load properly.
  • Corrected some inconsistencies when using Lightstream in the Edge browser, including an issue that prevented webcams from loading properly.
  • Eliminated an edge case that would cause Lightstream to show your status as Live even though the stream was offline.
  • Mixer feed layers are restricted to one per scene. Fixed a bug that would sometimes disable the ability to add a Mixer feed when one didn’t exist yet.
  • Identified and removed the source of false errors some Mixer integration users were seeing when their stream was running fine.
  • Prevented an endless login loop if your Mixer account has no email attached to it.
  • STUDIO: Lightstream Labs features were being lazy and not staying on when switched. We’ve got them back to work.


  • Studio has gone global. Regional servers added to South Central and Eastern US, as well as UK and the Netherlands. Will improve performance and responsiveness for streamers who had networking delay to West US.
  • Added STUN & TURN servers to our WebRTC implementation. This will greatly improve webcam, screenshare, and preview connectivity/performance issues that some streamers were experiencing when their network was unable to secure a stable peer connection.
  • Updated UI colors for the Mixer Integration Project to make it clearer when it’s in use and  visually differentiate it further from normal Lightstream Studio projects. Streamlined account settings to remove irrelevant options and adjusted the logout process to provide clearer confirmation of success.
  • Streamjar layers now load fullscreen by default – no more resizing needed.
  • Privacy policy acceptance modal has been optimized for viewing on mobile devices.
  • Improvements to monitoring and logging.

June 5th

New Features:

  • Get your swag sale on! Merchroom added as a 3rd party integration.


  • Squashed a bug that would cause 3rd party integration services to freeze or stop producing audio.
  • Overlays will now load immediately. Some streamers were seeing a delay before they showed up.
  • Removed the possibility of deleting layers in a project by backing out to My Projects and hitting the delete key.
  • Webcams will consistently activate at the same aspect ratio.
  • Scene thumbnails are showing the latest and greatest again.
  • Transparency slider now works properly for 3rd party integrations. Ghostly alerts incoming!
  • Corrected an issue of some Text Layers not displaying accurately on stream.
  • Adjusted publish logic to ensure your stream will go live properly before attempting. This will also more accurately report the live/offline state of your channel and let you know if there’s any issues updating your stream while live.
  • Streamers who disconnect their Mixer account from Lightstream Studio will no longer prevent their Mixer integration from going live.
  • STUDIO: The desktop client is back and ready to party. Users can now properly connect the Lightstream windows client and find their machine’s layers with no bumps.
  • STUDIO: Changed the way Twitch and YouTube chat are embedded so they properly load in Lightstream Studio.


  • Animations (including GIF overlays) will be more fluid.
  • Reworked microphone selection when adding a camera to provide a clearer workflow. Is this thing on?
  • Any layers added for the 3rd party integration with Loots are set to full screen with locked dimensions to ensure proper display.
  • Improved service availability and scaling to provide a more consistent experience during traffic spikes.
  • Added metrics on servers for better internal reporting on broadcast stability.