October 21st Changelog


  • Resolved an issue where duplicating a project would result in a broken project being created
  • Deleting your last gamer project while on the gamer plan will no longer get your account stuck in a state where you can’t make any new projects


  • Relocated the projects list into the project settings menu because we kept clicking the wrong place
  • Adjusted the project settings menu for more clarity around available settings
  • New projects will now automatically be set to the highest resolution and fps available on your Lightstream plan

October 7th Changelog


  • Muxy now appears properly in the 3rd Party Integrations list for Gamer Projects
  • Users will now always be brought back to the last project they used rather than the first project in their project list when visiting Lightstream (NOTE: Visiting the direct url of a project will bring you to that specific project)
  • Using the “Optimize for Music” toggle on audio sources will no longer cause them to stop sending audio

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