Godfall Overlay

Godfall has recently dropped their new Primal update which includes new endgame content such as ascension levels, primal items, ascended Tower of Trials, and much more. To mark the occasion, we have created a special Godfall overlay theme free for all Lightstream subscribers and the Godfall community. Our team wanted to capture the esthetics of […]

Changelogs: February 2021

February 10th Changelog Fixes Fixed an issue preventing users from going live to Facebook Pages We’ve resolved an issue where 720p60 and 1080p30 broadcasts were sometimes sending a lower bitrate than intended February 3rd Changelog Fixes Hitting enter while adjusting a layer’s crop setting will no longer cause issues resulting in the crop not being […]

Arsenal.gg is now part of Rainmaker.gg

Today we are excited to announce that Arsenal.gg is becoming part of Rainmaker.gg. Arsenal and Rainmaker share the goal of empowering creators and brands to be successful by aligning goals, tools, and analytics. It only makes sense that the complementary tools these products offer will be even more impactful under one team, one product, and […]

Changelogs: January 2021

January 13th Changelog Fixes Deleting a locked layer after unlocking it will now properly delete the layer from your scene Resolved a rare issue with projects and scenes being unable to be created The locked status of a Game Source will now persist correctly after refreshing Lightstream Changes Users can no longer delete all of […]

3rd Party Integration Setup

Getting setup with any streaming software can be a daunting task, especially when you’re not familiar with what’s needed before you go live. With this guide, you will learn how to add 3rd party integrations into Lightstream and understand what’s best for you and your content. What are 3rd Party Integrations? 3rd party integrations are […]

Changelogs: December 2020

December 16th Changelog Fixes Users will no longer be prompted to leave reviews more often than intended December 9th Changelog Fixes Our support chat will no longer get in the way of your destination’s chat in the right hand broadcast bar Our support chat can now be accessed prior to signing up for a Lightstream […]

7 Key Tips for Building Your Socials

It is hard to build a brand by streaming alone. One of the most important things a streamer can do to increase their brand is to build a following on another platform and funnel it to their Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube channel.  Sponsors will often check socials before reaching out to a streamer, so even […]

Game Selection – How Much Does It Really Matter?

Making the decision to stream can be very exciting. Most beginner streamers daydream about building a following playing their favorite games. What many don’t realize that unless you can funnel a following from another platform, streaming a popular AAA game is detrimental to early growth on Twitch. This post will explain why and give you […]

Tips to Become a Successful Streamer

Looking to become a more successful streamer? Here are some tips you should follow to make your streaming career a success.  Mental fortitude If you are seriously interested in becoming a successful streamer, there are two qualities that stand out above all others: 1) perseverance and 2) motivation. Building a community usually takes a lot […]